Inside CES: 3 Booth Trends Seen At The 2024 Tech Extravaganza

April 24, 2024
amazon booth

What was trending for exhibitors at CES 2024? To get the scoop, we participated in a webinar presented by Impact XM, an experiential design agency with clients across a wide range of industries and trade shows, including Panasonic Connect North America at INFOCOMM, BASF Corp. at Commodity Classic and at NAR NXT, owned and produced by the National Association of REALTORS — to name a few. 

Impact XM’s Senior Director Brittany Leeb, who has worked in exhibits since 2015, and Design Director Paul Eizerman, who has designed exhibits since 2006, shared their perspective on the top three macro trends we can all apply to our channel. 

Held Jan. 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, CES 2024 featured more than 4,300 exhibitors a 10% increase year over year, including a record of more than 1,400 startups in Eureka Park.  


Impact XM’s Senior Director Brittany Leeb

At CES 2024, Impact XM worked with a variety of major exhibitors, including Amazon Alexa, Hisense, AT&T and Accenture. In their presentation, Leeb and Eizerman shared a full 360-view of what they saw on the show floor, including not only their client’s booths but also other noteworthy examples. 

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“CES is the ultimate trendsetter in the event world,” Leeb said. “Aside from the fact that it's the first major show of the year, it's one of the largest tech-forward events in the world, which means exhibitors are showing up with the latest and greatest event tech out there. The trends we pulled out of CES are also trends that Paul and I have seen at other major shows in different industries.”

Here are the three key trends from their presentation:

1. Going Green. Sustainability saw a significant surge in presence at CES, indicating a growing focus on environmental responsibility within the event industry. Exhibitors showcased efforts to reduce waste, emission and environmental impact in booth construction and operations. Booth construction is increasingly incorporating materials made from recycled or sustainable sources. Examples included using raw wood and plywood, minimal flooring vs. carpeting and reducing material usage while maintaining aesthetic appeal and functionality (see image below). The Samsung booth featured a dedicated space to highlight its sustainability efforts, using recycled materials to create the walls. 

booth construction
Booth construction is increasingly incorporating materials made from recycled or sustainable sources. Photos: Impact XM

2. Immersive Experiences. While not new, immersive experiences continue to evolve rapidly, with a particular appeal to younger audiences. Exhibitors emphasized creating engaging and memorable experiences that attendees can’t get via their computers or devices. Immersive experiences were categorized into three types: one-to-many (thematic journeys), one-to-some (rides or demos) and one-to-one (personalized experiences). Interactive theaters were used to transport attendees into immersive storytelling experiences, utilizing technology, video, sound and even sensory elements for a highly engaging and educational experience.

hd hyundai
HD Hyundai featured one-to-many immersive experiences in its booth. Photos: Impact XM

3. Show It, Don’t TelI It. Exhibitors moved away from relying solely on static and digital signage content to deliver messages. This trend encourages more interactive and tangible ways of communication, recognizing that audiences are inundated with digital content and seeking more impactful experiences. Exhibitors prioritized hands-on activities and demonstrations for education, based on attendee preferences. Companies, like Samsung, simplified complex product messages using robotics, kinetic LED and physical demonstrations.

Personalized engagements that show it, don't tell it at Google and Hisense. Photos: Impact XM

Want to know more? Download a PDF of the presentation by Impact XM here:

Main image: Amazon booth at CES 2024


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