Curate Host-City Experiences With Jampack Platform

November 30, 2023

Exhibiting companies now have a new way to tap into the increasing popularity of blended travel while elevating their in-person events with Jampack, a new bundling platform that curates unique and memorable host-city experiences for exhibitors.

Using the Jampack platform, exhibitors can explore and purchase exclusive destination experiences, such as networking-focused dining events, excursions or golf outings, before, during and after trade shows and conferences — setting the stage for elevated networking and group bonding via fun and unique experiences. 

Launched as a beta version in June 2021 as Fuse Ignited (rebranded as Jampack in September), Jampack partners with event producers across music festivals, sporting events, trade shows and conferences to curate in-event experiences only available within the Jampack platform. 

By leveraging proprietary technology and partner integrations, the platform bundles exclusive destination experiences at the best rates available while empowering event organizers to generate new incremental revenue by bundling the ticket purchase, hotel room and add-on fan experiences into a single seamless package, according to Jackpack officials. 

How it works

Leveraging its extensive network of venue contacts and resort property partnerships, Jampack offers a diverse schedule of add-on experiences that attendees and exhibitors can explore and take advantage of in the host city around an event’s existing schedule.

jam pack
Jampack has worked with SHOT Show and The Car Wash Show to deliver AFTER DARK networking and nightlife events at some of the most sought-after venues in Las Vegas. 

Using a show-branded, user-friendly interface that works as an extension to event registration and in real-time during the event, attendees and exhibitors can access the platform via the web and customized, mobile-based user sites to access QR codes, activity details and maps 24/7.

For example, organizers can elevate event networking by including official “AFTER DARK” nightlife events and show-branded “meet-up” spots around the host city on nights with no officially scheduled parties. 

Listed in the show schedule on the event website and mobile app, these official event packages can be browsed and purchased as part of an event participant’s event registration or via Jampack’s show-branded web-based platform. Attendees then receive a confirmation email with a QR code that serves as their All Access Pass to the nightly events or experiences. 

Event participants can also use Jampack to book private experiences, such as group dining, branded offsite events and group experiences with colleagues and clients. Event groups simply submit nightlife and hospitality requests to Jampack via its show-branded web-based platform, after which a Private Group Services team member provides white glove concierge services, including the ideation and contracting of the venues and vendors needed to plan their events or experiences. 

What users are saying 

According to Einzig, Jampack has already worked with SHOT Show and The Car Wash Show to deliver highly popular AFTER DARK networking and nightlife events at some of the most sought-after venues in Las Vegas. 

According to Jeff Pressman, president and CEO of ConvExx, the company collaborated with Jampack to facilitate unique after-hours networking community events for SHOT Show – a partnership that turned out to be more impactful and rewarding than anticipated.

“Not only were their concepts innovative but also they created programs that were specifically designed for our unique audience,” Pressman said. “Their operations team was just as impressive onsite, ensuring that all those that participated were treated like VIPs and the events ran smoothly.”

Kim Vinciguerra, chief experience officer for the International Carwash Association, said that partnering with Jampack gave her organization the resources and support it needed to enhance the attendee experience with minimal bandwidth required from her team. 

“The best part is that we are building a new revenue channel at the same time,” she said. “My only regret is that we didn’t find Jampack sooner!” 

Exhibiting companies have also been using the platform to streamline their event planning. Case in point: Catherine Craft, trade show manager for DRB, who worked with Jampack Private Group Services to source the venue and entertainment for its client cocktail reception. 

“We are so grateful, as they were super helpful, flexible and reliable, and the event was perfect,” Craft said.



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