How To Blend Education and Entertainment in Your Trade Show Booth

April 23, 2024

Connor Bartholomew

Connor Bartholomew is CEO of Trade Show Display Depot, a factory-direct seller and manufacturer of trade show exhibits.

When planning for your next in-person trade show, why not consider trying something new to enhance attendee engagement? Specifically, instead of making your exhibit just a learning tool, add a touch of excitement by including something unexpected and fun. You might be surprised at how much interest you can generate by combining education and entertainment to create a truly “edutaining” experience.

Edutainment is more than just another method to grab attention; it’s an opportunity for your company to distinguish itself. Let’s face it: Setting your exhibit and brand apart can be challenging, especially if you’re only conducting product demonstrations. But you can gain an instant competitive edge when you make it noteworthy. 

Here are some of the quickest techniques and strategies to attract attention to your trade show presence in a new and innovative way:


1. Embrace technology

Consider incorporating a tech angle into your pop-up trade show displays to enhance your booth’s immersive and memorable experience. For example, you might want to incorporate virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) into the mix. A VR headset can allow visitors to your booth to look closer at your products. If VR can replicate their feel, you don’t have to bring all your products to the show.


2. Include audience participation

Never underestimate the impact of running a booth and presenting at an upcoming trade show. A memorable presentation will encourage attendees to stop by your booth. One way to make a presentation more meaningful is by including audience participation. You might have audience members demonstrate, for instance. You could also organize a competition, such as a lightning round Quizlet session, and offer prizes as incentives. The goal is for you to be creative in delivering your content.


3. Gamify your interactions

People of all ages appreciate gamification. One way to gamify all your interactions at your upcoming trade show is to develop a custom app for your company. Within the app, you can award badges, honors and more. You can also begin collecting information and generating leads from everyone who uses your app.


4. Make it easy for attendees to stay at your booth

Another way to enhance the educational and entertainment value of your corporate trade show booth is to transform it into a destination spot. This means dedicating some of your booth space to an area where attendees want to gather. Consider adding a red carpet “executive lounge” where guests can enjoy complimentary drinks and treats while watching engaging video content about your latest products. Or maybe you could have a massage therapist on-site to offer complimentary sessions. The key is to find a way to cleverly connect whatever you offer to your brand so it all seems streamlined instead of forced.

 When you exhibit at your next trade show, surprise your competitors by hosting a booth that exceeds expectations. An edutaining trade show exhibit need not break the budget – creativity goes a long way. Combining entertainment and education at your next show is an innovative approach to stand out and attract more booth traffic.


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